Watch out Shoprite… Superfresh’s prices are dropping!

If you follow my blog you’ll notice that in my Sneak Peek Picks that Shoprite and Superfresh are usually the stores with the most deals. I am lucky enough to live smack dab in between a Shorprite and a Superfresh. Its been known here in Roxborough that Shoprite has the lowest prices however the parking lot is small, the aisles are tight and the lines are long. But it’s the price we pay to save money. 

There has been times where I circled the Shoprite parking lot looking for a spot and find myself just giving up and leaving. I know that if the parking lot was that bad I could only imagine what it’s like inside. Keep in mind that I am a SAHM and I do get to shop at off peak times and it’s always crowded! Don’t get me wrong I feel comfy there and I love the familiar faces but to me my time and patience is more valuable. 

Superfresh is usually my second choice since it’s right down the street. The parking lot is big and roomy like the store! The experience is much different than at Shoprite. I’ve never seen it anywhere near close to full as Shoprite has been. They have price checkers throughout the store so there’s no surprises at the register. The price all aren’t as low as Shoprite but it’s getting close. Again if you can get home quicker it might just be worth it.

With that said, since I go through all the circulars every week I noticed something a little different about Superfresh’s ad. There was an insert that proclaimed “THE LOWER PRICE PROJECT!” I found it hard to believe but after going through the ad I noticed that the prices were comparable to Shoprite’s. The last few weeks the circular has kept its promise of new lower prices. I hope it stays this way because I would prefer to go to the store I know I wouldn’t lose hours of my day. 

So watch out Shoprite because Superfresh is close to becoming my preferred grocery store!

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