Tip: How $4 Parking at Reading Terminal Market Works
Photo Credit: Felicia Perretti Photography

Photo Credit: Felicia Perretti Photography

The next time you want to head down to Reading Terminal Market don’t let the parking deter you from visiting one of my favorite places in the city. There’s no doubt that parking can be tricky and expensive down by Reading Terminal Market since it is right next to the PA Convention Center. Did you know that there is $4 parking available to just the patrons of the Reading Terminal Market?

$4 Parking is available at these 2 Parking garages right next to the market:

After parking be sure to take your ticket with you. You’ll need it to pay in the lobby before leaving and for a vendor to validate your parking.

$4 parking is limited to 2 hours with a minimum purchase of $10, which is plenty of time to get shopping done and grabbing something to eat. After you have made a purchase of $10 of more just ask the cashier to validate your parking slip that you received when you parked.  All vendors should know about $4 parking.

2 Responses to Tip: How $4 Parking at Reading Terminal Market Works

  1. Julia R. says:

    This is an awesome tip! Thank you. Do you have any idea what the additional charges would be if you chose to stay longer than 2 hours?

  2. Ronni E says:

    Be very careful and don’t park for longer than 2 hours. Beyond 2-hours, the parking rate jumps to $28! They will hold you hostage before they let you leave Hilton garage.

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