Terror Behind the Walls Extraordinary “ALONE” Experience

Terror Behind the Walls at Eastern State Penitentiary, presented by Lukoil, America’s largest haunted attraction, will offer 13 visitors an extraordinary experience: tour this massive haunted house, in a real prison, completely, totally, ALONE.

The 13 visitors will be selected at random from names submitted on the event website. One visitor will be selected for each of the final 13 nights of the haunted attraction, from October 20 to November 6. Each visitor will enter Terror Behind the Walls completely alone. (Those too terrified to make the trip alone may bring a single guest.) Each winner will also receive $50.00 in LUKOIL Gas Certificates.

These 13 visitors will then be entered into second drawing. That winner will return with 5 friends to Eastern State Penitentiary to spend a full night in the cellblocks. The group will be given a final gourmet dinner inside the prison, be joined by a professional storyteller at midnight to hear ghost stories related the Penitentiary’s history, and will camp in the abandoned cellblocks alone until breakfast.

Members of the public can enter the drawing on the event’s website Preview page ( There is no purchase necessary. Winners will be selected at 2:00 p.m. on the day before their evening in the haunted attraction.


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