Review: Tsukihoshi Kids Sneakers Spring Line
Tsukihoshi Marina in Fuchsia/Pink

Spring has finally sprung and that means time for new shoes for my daughter. Before it’s time for sandals while my daughter is still in school I want to make sure my daughter has a great pair of breathable sneakers for the warmer weather. As you already know I’m a huge fan of Tsukihoshi brand sneakers and they are the only sneakers my daughter will wear. Here’s why, they are light flexible and open up wide enough for my daughter to easily take off and put on by herself. The first pair of shoes my daughter learned to put on and take off were Tsukihoshi. They are also machine washable and have antibacterial insoles so you know your child always has clean shoes inside and out which means your shoes last longer.

Child 28 in silver/raspberry

That aside let’s not forget that these shoes are adorable! Personally I’m not a fan of shoes with loud logos and characters all over them. I love their simple yet modern styles that always seem to go with whatever my daughter is wearing. The older my daughter gets she can always pick out a Tsukihoshi style and color that is well-suited for her personality. Which brings me back to their new spring line. We were able to check out these two new spring styles (pictured) available in stores now.  Living in the city we are constantly going from home, school. to grass, dirt, cement, gravel and even rain puddles. These shoes keep up!

This spring they came out with a new line of great new styles with the same high quality available in stores like Olly Shoes and Nordstrom now. From infant sizes to youth you can find a pair at any age. Remember Tsukihoshi is pronounced “Ski ho she” for when you’re asking for them in stores.

Disclosure / Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for the purposes of this post. This post reflects my personal experience and opinion which may differ from yours. No monetary compensation was provided for this post. 

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