JOHNSON’S Baby’s #PromisetoBaby – “Your Promise is Our Promise”


I’m happy to have partnered with JOHNSON’S Baby’s to help share their #PromisetoBaby.

It’s not a secret that JOHNSON’S® Baby loves babies and the last thing they want is for you to worry about safety. That’s their promise to you. After they heard that some moms were concerned about the ingredients in their products, they made the decision to stand up and change their product formulas—not because of safety, but for peace of mind.

They have removed formaldehyde-releasing preservatives and reduced traces of 1,4-dioxane. As well as reassuring you that their newly reformulated products are:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben-free
  • Phthalate-free

The JOHNSON’S® Baby Family is excited to introduce you to seven newly reformulated products:

  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Lotion
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo & Conditioner for Thick and Curly Hair
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo & Conditioner for Thin and Straight Hair
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo with Calming Lavender
  • JOHNSON’S® Baby Soothing Vapor Baby Bath

To me this is huge! It’s rare for a company to not only listen to their consumers but actually do something about it. JOHNSON’s Baby is a brand that my mom used on me as a child and so many things has changed since then. It’s reassuring to know that my children will be safe from ingredients that are harmful to them. JOHNSON’S Baby products will now allow me to continue to protect my children. No one should worry about what they are using to keep their children clean and healthy hurting them.

To share this commitment, they’ve created an inspiring story through the “Our Promise” video, below, as an open letter to moms showing their scientists and their families coming together to build an origami stork mobile, symbolizing the delivery of their promise to always listen to moms.

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Disclosure / Disclaimer: This post was brought to you with the support by JOHNSON’S® Baby.

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