Free 1-Year ShopRunner Membership

ShopRunnerLogo is offering a Free 1 Year ShopRunner Membership (New members) when you apply offer code RUNNER (apply at sign-up prompt).

For those that don’t know, ShopRunner Perks:

  • Unlimited FREE 2-Day Shipping
  • ShopRunner Returns Ship FREE
  • Add up to 4 Household Members
  • Order Status & Return Tracking

This can also be used for Existing Account Extension:

  1. Cancel your existing account (select: “Cancel my membership. I will no longer have access to benefits and will not receive a refund from ShopRunner…”)
  2. A email confirmation will be sent, just ignore it.
  3. Register using the promo code and the old email.
  4. Your membership will now be good until 12/19/2013, and your order history will still be intact.


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