Deal: $63.96 for Two Flights for One Person at iFLY King of Prussia ($79.95 Value)

Save 20% and pay $63.96 for two flights for one person at iFLY King of Prussia ($79.95 Value). Valid Monday-Thursday for two indoor skydiving flights with an instructor.

At iFLY, “indoor flying” means something way cooler than jumping on your bed at home. There are helmets involved. Here’s how it works: you show up, suit up, and go through an orientation lesson with expert instructors before lifting off in an air column powered by giant fans. The column is forceful enough to simulate the experience of freefalling through the sky, even though flyers are just a few feet off the ground. As with outdoor skydiving, the freefall experience lasts for about a minute but flyers get two flights, and may be able to execute turns and tricks at the instructor’s discretion.

Grab this deal now HERE.

This is a limited time offer.

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