Catching Up: My Lucille Roberts Progress

It’s been a few weeks since the last time I’ve checked in about my experience working out and getting fit at Lucille Roberts in Bala Cynwyd. I have some catching up to do with you guys! I’ve just ended my 3rd full week and during this time I’ve really put 110% into working out. I’ve committed to training 30 minutes with my trainer for twice a week. In between I’m doing my own thing at Lucille Roberts. My advice to you is to take advantage of the time you have with your trainer. Ask questions, ask recommendations for you for the days you’re not training with them. It’s great to train with a trainer but it’s also important to educate yourself on how to properly work out and use the machines and equipment.

Lunges with 15lb Free Weights

In three weeks, my physical change hasn’t been drastic but I’ve already received compliments on the difference so far. My clothes are beginning to fit better because I feel and see the change in my arms and lower body. No wonder! Did you see one of the exercises I was doing? My trainer had me do those lunges up and down the gym! I’m no skinny minnie and I’m not out buying new clothes (yet) but I’m thrilled with my progress.

Something I can’t help but notice how my recovery from my workouts, aka the soreness, isn’t as bad as it was the first two weeks. This partly has to do with the LiveRite Protein Shakes, but that will be a separate post all together.  All and all I can say my body has been pushed to its limits but each time I work out the limits get higher and higher. I’m so amazed at what my body is capable of if you just try!


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