Back to School Shopping Tips

Last week I did a little segment (see below) with the always lovely Tracy Davidson on NBC Philadelphia about ways to save while back to school shopping this fall. We filmed this segment last Tuesday at around 10AM at a popular office supply chain and to my surprise the isles were packed! Everyone is getting the right idea, shop early. The deals flop from week to week so research is key. Weekly circulars that don’t come to your home can be found online. So break out your list and match up the deals.

Reuse and shop at home: Go through last year’s supplies to see what can be reused or what’s leftover before you start your shopping.

Start Early: Take advantage of the early deals and avoid the rush when the school year starts.

Stick to your list: The isles are packed with

Try shopping unlikely places: such as the grocery store, dollar store or online like

Get a raincheck: If they run out of an item want at a great price, get rain checks if they available.

Take advantage of the deals: Stock up and shop end of season for the full whole year.

Save your receipts: After school starts you might need to return items so be prepared.

Don’t waste any deals: Sharing is caring, teachers have to buy extra classroom materials out of their own pockets. Offer extra coupons, deals like the penny or $.25 ones and rain checks to your child’s teachers after your are done your shopping.

Personalize your stuff: You’ve just spent all this time and money to send everything off to school with your child especially your backpack and calculators. Make sure to label them with a durable label or you can write on it with a permanent marker like a sharpie.

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