Giveaway: The Body Shop Prize Pack


Last week I shared with you about the NEW Pulse Beauty Boutique that opened at King of Prussia Mall. If you haven’t stopped in yet, you should definitely check it out! I know many of you are big fans of The Body Shop (like myself) and I’m excited to offer you this amazing giveaway!!

***WIN IT!!!***

chocomania1 The Body Shop Tea Tree

Enter to win a Prize Pack from The Body Shop that includes the following:

  • Tea Tree Body Wash
  • Tea Tree Facial Wash
  • Tea Tree Toner
  • Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion
  • New Chocomania Deluxe Lotion
  • New Chocomania Shower Cream

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Disclosure / Disclaimer: Products in images does not reflect actual prizes. I received a complimentary product for the purposes of this post. This post reflects my personal experience and opinion, which may differ from yours. No monetary compensation was provided for this post. Facebook, Twitter and Google are not affiliated with this giveaway.

88 Responses to Giveaway: The Body Shop Prize Pack

  1. I love the tea tree scent because it’s so refreshing!

  2. Erin Francisco says:

    Would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway:)

  3. Erin Francisco says:

    I can honestly say I’ve never been to the body shop, but I would love to try their stuff.

  4. Diana G says:

    I love the body butters! they’re always the best

  5. Diana G says:

    I also love their little tubs of lip balm. very softening for winter

  6. t says:

    Sweet Lemon Whip

  7. t says:

    I love all your products!

  8. Kerry says:

    I love the Body Shop. Great products!

  9. daisy says:

    Thanks for the give away. Hope I win!

  10. shannan says:

    I love the Body Shop!

  11. kim andrews says:

    tea tree toner

  12. Michele says:

    I love the Body Shop, their body butters are great.

  13. Michele says:

    The chocomania products look promising 🙂

  14. Aria H. says:

    I would like to try the new Absinthe hand care items. Anything that feels and smells clean and fresh I like. Nothing too fruity.

  15. Aria H. says:

    I also like the shea body butters.

  16. Larissa huber says:

    I love the Body Shop also!!

  17. Larissa huber says:

    I love anything fruity and girly…peaches is a all time fav!!!

  18. Ken R says:

    Tea Tree…

  19. Ken R says:

    body butters!

  20. Debby says:

    The facial wash!

  21. Laura says:

    I love the body shop!

  22. Aria H. says:

    ooo, I would also like to try the All-in-One BB Cream.

  23. Aria H. says:

    I also like the Almond Conditioning Hand Wash because my hands are dry.

  24. Winnie says:

    I like their products. Tea tree is one of them.

  25. Cheryl G. says:

    never been there yet, but love the fruity smells 🙂

  26. Aria H. says:

    I also like the Amazonian Lily body mist.

  27. NicksMom says:

    I love the almond body wash!

  28. Aria H. says:

    I like the madagascar vanilla body spray.

  29. Kelly D says:

    I like the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent.

  30. Austin Baroudi says:

    I like the Rainforest Radiance Shampoo!

  31. Austin Baroudi says:

    I also like the White Musk® Sport Hair & Body Wash!

  32. Chrissy says:

    Always looking for something new!

  33. Aria H. says:

    I also like the Aloe soothing day cream.

  34. Janet Gillich says:

    Never been to the Body shop, I like anything not to powerful

  35. Janet Gillich says:

    I love body wash. I have at 40 in my stockpile. So I would love to try any of the body washes

  36. mariela t. says:

    My favorite all time scent from The Body Shop is Grapeseed. However, they discontinued this scent 5 or more years ago (the glossing drops is the only product currently available in this scent). Therefore, my new favorite scent is the Vineyard Peach (which I am hoping that The Body Shop will permanently keep as a scent). Thanks for hosting this giveaway 🙂

  37. mariela t. says:

    The Body Shop offers a membership program for a yearly rate and it is called “Love Your Body”. If you are a member you get a 10% discount on every purchase you make. Being a member also entitles you to earn points for every $20 purchase made and you also get a free birthday gift during your birthday month. You may even earn a free renewal on your membership if you earn enough points. Happy Shopping 🙂

  38. Lisa Harris says:

    I love The Body Shop – such great fragrances. Never tried chocomania – sounds delicious!!!!

  39. Christina says:

    Just tried and love the chocomania line!

  40. Liz says:

    This prize sounds awesome!

  41. Ashli M. says:

    I love the tea tree face mask.

  42. Ashli M. says:

    I love the rainforest moisture hair butter. It really hydrates my natural hair.

  43. Kelly S. says:

    Body shop body butters are great…any minty fragrance is my fav

  44. Miah says:

    Tea Tree Body Wash

  45. Aria H. says:

    I also like the cammomile gental eye makeup remover.

  46. rachel says:

    I like their Moroccan Rose body butter

  47. elise says:

    I hope I win!!!

  48. Ashley C says:

    I like their Aloe Soothing Moisturizer with SPF


  49. Kate says:

    I love the body butters

  50. @sarahspy says:

    love body shop! have always wanted to try the tea tree oil line 🙂

  51. Theresa Breton says:

    smells awesome!

  52. Brandi says:

    Love The Body Shop’s Hemp products!

  53. Brandi says:

    Love the Hemp foot lotion

  54. Mamta says:

    Would love to win!

  55. Carolyn G says:

    I love the chocomania

  56. Beatriz says:

    I’ve never tried any!

  57. shauna says:

    Coconut body butter

  58. meredith says:

    sweet lemon

  59. Sarah VM says:

    I like their aloe gentle face wash.

  60. Lynn says:

    I like their lemon scented products and the cherry blossoms

  61. Susan says:

    I love the coconut body butter

  62. Shere Mayfield says:

    I love the coconut body wash.

  63. Jessie C. says:

    I like Body shop tea tree products

  64. Angela says:

    I haven’t been there, but I bet the tea tree products would be good!

  65. Ashley H says:

    I like the sweetpea.

  66. ann says:

    I love the body shop creams!

  67. Katie says:

    Yes, please! Love it all.

  68. Alpa says:

    Sweet Lemon Whip

  69. Alpa says:

    MANGO BODY SCRUB is my another favorite product from The Body Shop

  70. Jennifer says:

    My favorite The Body Shop product(s) is the whole Tea Tree line! They are the best product(s) you can get for people with oily acne prone skin! My skin is also extremely sensitive and the Tea Tree line works wonderful for me. I also love the Vitamin E line as well as the Aloe moisturizers.

  71. Jennifer says:

    All The Body Shop Body Butters are amazing but my favorite scent is Satsuma.

  72. Kelly D. says:

    My favorite scent is Satsuma!

  73. milaxx says:

    tea tree line is my favorite body shop product

  74. Would love to try these, if I don’t win, will have to pick up next time I’m in the store!

  75. Lisanne Boyle says:

    I love The Body Shop – would love to win this!

  76. Florence Sieminski says:

    I don’t have a favorite scent because I have never shopped here but I would love to try some products

  77. Sharon I says:

    I love the body butters – perfect for winter!

  78. Sharon I says:

    The hemp products are also great.

  79. Aria H. says:

    The Mango scented products are another one I like.

  80. Devon Kramer says:

    Love the body butters and body wash, coconut cream is my favorite.

  81. Devon Kramer says:

    I also love the tea tree face wash.

  82. Carrie says:

    I love the Body Shop! Curious about the Cocomania scent!

  83. Janet Gillich says:

    A body butter

  84. Nicolle says:

    I love Body Shop products and definitely would love to try all of these products!

  85. Nicolle says:

    All tasks completed 🙂

  86. Karen McCormick says:

    I love Body Shop products!

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